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Homeschooling is one of the most important and rewarding challenges you will ever take on. There Is No Box is here to help you enjoy the process with encouragement, inspiration and resources to support you in the journey.

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Find out how to create an environment where children LOVE to learn, and approach everything in life with a curious and creative perspective.   Learn more here.

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Homeschooling looks as different as each family who does it. Your journey doesn’t need to look like the school system or like your neighbor’s. The beauty of learning is that it can happen in any environment – in a classroom and outside, in a group and individually, around the dinner table and while on vacation. The opportunities to learn are only limited by our willingness to seize them.

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How Lifestyle Learning Can Bring More Freedom and Joy to Your Homeschool

As homeschoolers, we are often tempted to fit into a box of what learning and results are supposed to look like.  But what if we went off-script and embraced the simple joys of childhood wonder?  There Is No Box takes a look at the heart of what education is supposed to be and expounds on the conclusion that, when it comes to learning, there is no box.