Every student is an individual and every family situation is unique. The beauty of homeschooling is that it is perfectly suited to tailor education in a way that benefits both of those. We can create the homeschool we love by using everything and anything available to us without being confined by any of it.

This is the mindset I embrace when creating homeschool resources. Truth be told, almost everything in my shop was created first for my own children in an effort to inspire a love for learning, develop independent learning skills, and to encourage them to interact with the world around them in meaningful ways while developing the skills they need to build a strong and healthy worldview. By making them available online, I hope to make it one step easier for you to experience the kind of joy and freedom we have found in your own homeschool.

The resources I create have two main keys:

  1. Enjoyable
    When a child has fun doing something, he often develops a love for it.  Once he has a love for learning, he seeks it out everywhere he goes, all of the time.  When we arm our children with a love for learning, and they understand how they learn best as an individual, nothing is beyond their reach.
  2. Engaging
    Research has shown that learning occurs best when children are active, engaged, and building meaningful connections to their lives. The resources I create are designed to draw the student in through curiosity and discovery, encouraging them to build real-life connections with the information they’re working with.

Bookmark this page for easy to access the growing list of resources available at your fingertips. Everything in my shop is a digital download – purchase today, use today! Most of these resources are low (or no!) prep and printer-friendly. Please note, that because of the digital nature of these products, I cannot offer refunds. However, if you have any issues or questions about a product you have purchased, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at amanda@noboxhomeschool.com.

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