Lifestyle learning capitalizes on our children’s natural inquisitive energy and fosters an environment where kids are always learning; where there is no separation between school and life – where learning just becomes a lifestyle.  It allows us the freedom to use any and every learning style available to us without being defined or confined by any of them, and in the meantime, we create an environment where our children love to learn.

Discover What a Learning Lifestyle Looks Like

Your children are individuals and each one learns in a unique way.  Lifestyle learning empowers you to embrace that.  There is no mold to fit them into.  Instead, they are free to learn, to play, to create, and explore.  As naturally curious beings, lifestyle learning allows them to organically grow in creativity, ingenuity, individuality and intellect as they pursue the things that interest them. 

Helpful Resources for Lifestyle Learning

Instead of focusing on the quantity of information our children consume, Lifestyle Learning allows us to concentrate on building the foundation that will equip them to think intelligently, creatively, and critically for the rest of their lives. The following resources are helpful for creating an environment that fosters that kind of growth.

equip Your homeschool

One of the most beautiful things about homeschooling is that we are able to pursue education in whatever style suits our children and our lifestyle best. We truly have the opportunity to make it everything we want it to be, and to say no to anything that doesn’t help us along the way. As well as providing support for families who want to create a homeschool they love, I also create resources that help foster a Learning Lifestyle. Check out the growing list of resources!